Wolfnights, NY


teen wolf


Every day I pass by here on my walk to and from work. This little place is really interesting looking from the outside with it’s swing chairs. One day I finally decided to try a wrap here. I went with the cheapest falafel wrap. No I wasn’t trying to be cheap, I just wanted to eat falafel

This thing is big for the price (at least to me). They bake the dough right there which is pretty cool! and fry the falafel upon order so everything is toasty hot.

Good thing I got them to split this thing b/c I wouldn’t have known where to start. The falafel was super crispy and everything just went really well together. It was so good I could’ve eaten the whole thing! but that would’ve resulted in a horrible stomachache so I saved the rest for the next day. The texture died a little since it wasn’t crispy anymore but still yummy!!

If you’re ever in LES, stop here for lunch. btw $10 minimum or was it 8?


price: $$


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