Mamoun’s, New York


falafel sandwich
lamb shawarma sandwich


A friend was visiting the city during my last week so we met up for a brief lunch in the west village. We were looking for something cheap but good so I decided why not try mamoun’s.

This place is very tiny. Very good for a quick cheap lunch. My falafel sandwich was only 2.50!! One thing I didn’t like was so many tomatoes (just b/c I hate them) but luckily they were all at the top and the falafel were all at the bottom (best for last!) Even though the veggies were all cold, the falafel were nice and warm.

I wish they were crispy and resembled a falafel ball but they were all flattened out into one flat patty.  I can’t say it was the best but for the price? pretty good.

My friend had the lamb shawarma and she commented it was good after we finished our sandwiches. It looked pretty filled with meat

For those poor students and living on a budget grads, this is the place to get a yummy cheap meal.


price: $


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