Laduree, New York


pistachio macaron
almond macaron
rose macaron


Finally made that necessary stop to the famed Laduree. This place is super decorated and decked out. I managed to take some shots before someone else was told no photos. weird.

I was hoping for various flavors but they were pretty standard for the macaron world. I stuck with my favorite pistachio and also got the almond.

I think I tried the almond first but the filling was marshmallow texture.. what??!! I got worried at that point. I ate my pistachio later after I put it in the fridge and it tasted much more normal. Maybe it was the humid weather but I ate that macaron right after leaving the store…

Can’t recall about the almond but the pistachio was super nutty! Probably one of the best macaron flavors I’ve ever tried! BUT, I didn’t like how it tasted more like shell then cream. I guess you can say it was 50/50 but I think I prefer 60(cream)/40(shell)

I got the rose for my roommate to try and she said it tasted really good!

This place isn’t bad but I think I’m okay with other macarons that aren’t as pricey. I also don’t like how I have to trek all the way up to the upper east side and the strange service.


price: $$$


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