doughnut plant 2


Doughnut Plant, New York


matcha green tea cake
pistachio cake


So as I mentioned at the end of my first doughnut plant review, I knew  I would have to come back one more time to try the pistachio and matcha cake doughnuts. Luckily they updated their site online so I was able to find out when I could buy them before I left the city.

Last time I didn’t think about it and just paid with my cash but this time around I only had 2 bucks so I thought I’ll just pay with card. But… when  I got there I found out CASH ONLY. Luckily there’s a BoA a few blocks away.

So the pistachio! Like before I liked the consistency/texture of the cake doughnut but I wish this one tasted more nuttier. It kind of seemed like it was just studdied with pistachio bits in the glaze and maybe a few pieces inside the dough.

The matcha green tea had a nice green tea colored frosting. The inside seemed like they added a good amount of matcha powder since it looked kind of green. But… maybe it was the order I ate it in? it didn’t taste powerfully green tea which is what I like. I’m guessing for most people it will be just enough?

I think I’ve satisfied my curiosity for now but if I ever move here, I might stop by once in a while.

– mayat


price: $$


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