lady m



Lady M, NY


mont blanc


Other than anything asian flavored (green tea, red bean, black sesame) or pistachio flavored, one of my all time favorite cakes in mont blanc! Chestnut flavor is really rare to find since it’s usually seasonal so I always jump at the chance to eat it.

I’ve been on the search of anywhere that sells good mont blanc. Not just a cake with chestnut cream on top like the ones at cafe panya or takahachi bakery. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, just not what I’m looking for. One day I found out Lady M sells just what I wanted. A classic mont blanc with the mound of swirled chestnut cream. This was one of my to-go places during the summer.

After I checked ou the whitney museum I made my way over to Lady M. It’s a clean white modern looking space but narrow. If you’re just buying a cake to go, you’re awkwardly standing right next to those dining in.

The case is filled with delicious looking cakes!! I would love to try all of them! I heard the mille crepes are delicious. This time I only got my mont blanc though

So the moment I tried it I literally gasped! Most places are kind of skimpy and there’s not a lot of chestnut cream but this one is unbelievably generous! Inside is a very light whip cream with bits of crunch. I’m wondering if it’s sugar or…??

I’m a little disappointed there’s no sponge cake inside too but the amount of chestnut cream totally makes up for it. I can’t even complain it costs $8… that is until I find one just as good and cheaper.

Can’t wait for my next visit with the boy 🙂


price: $$$


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