Kyotofu, NY


mushroom salad (me)
tofu salad (k-san)

dessert sampler


I was going through gilt city when I found a discount for the dessert sampler at kyotofu. I’ve done this before but I really wanted to go again. I invited K-san to go with me since are birthdays are pretty close.

We decided to eat dinner too and stuck with salads. K-san had the tofu salad which had this huge tofu mound glob thing. It looked a little ridiculous but she said it was really good.

I had the mushroom salad which was lots of warm mushrooms on a bed of greens and some kind of cheese. yumm.. a good simple salad

Then onto the dessert! First we received the kuromitsu sweet tofu. I love how the tofu becomes a light and smooth pudding consistency. The kuromitsu might be a little too sweet but there’s just enough so that the tofu isn’t overwhelmed with the kuromitsu.

Next was the dessert plate which consisted of the green tea creme brulee, miso brownie, yuzu citrus cheesecake, summer anmitsu, and green tea chocolates

I wasn’t a big fan of the cheesecake because it was too cheesey for me but it had a good yuzu tang to it. The summer anmitsu was ok but kind of boring. It seemed like something I could just make at home. I used to really like creme brulee’s but now they feel too heavy for me… The miso brownie was really good though! It had a good crispness to the outside but gooey inside. It didn’t really taste like miso either but maybe it had a hint of saltiness to it.

Finally we both received a small plate of green tea chocolates and some kind of citrus macaron? I don’t remember well. Oh and we also each got a chocolate souffle cupcake to take home!

I think this place is a good place for date night or just dessert with the girls. There isn’t much seating, but it was pretty empty for a sunday night.


price: $$


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