soba totto


Soba Totto, NY


ika saba
spicy fried chicken
nasu dengaku
hatsu w/ salt & tare
calamari salad
tori dango


Umm… It’s been a while so I don’t remember so well anymore… eek sorry!

Anyways, whenever my parents and I are in NY we always end up going to an izakaya. This time we tried soba totto and as always my dad tries to order way to many things.. I can’t give a thorough account of everything but here are some blurry pictures!

ika saba


yuba! This was my first time really trying it and I loved the texture!

spicy fried chicken. Meh it was ok. Not actually that spicy more like sweet spicy. I really like the salad mixture next to eat. I wonder what was in the “dressing”

nasu dengaku! One of my other favorites. Not enough miso dengaku on top though.

hatsu w/ salt and ??

hatsu with tare


calamari salad. this was actually really good

tori dango. We were so stuffed but my dad really wanted to try it. It’s sticky rice wrapped around a chicken meatball. We were surprised that there wasn’t as much rice as we were expecting which was good for our stuffed stomachs

oh right and my mom wanted to try the soba. because it’s called soba totto and they had an interesting soba called shiso soba. It came with these little dishes where you add umeboshi (pickled plum) , sea salt, sesame & sesame oil to your soba. It was really easy to eat and fresh.

Finally dessert! We did a dessert sampler? thing where we could choose 3 desserts

I chose green tea milk  pudding. very soft and yummy

My mom got the pumpking bread pudding which was the best out of the three. Really soft and creamy not heavy at all

My dad got the warabi mochi. It was good but he said we could just make this at home too..

The 3 izakayas all in this area (soba totto, aburiya kinnosuke, sakagura) are all delicious. They have really similar vibes too so I would recommend any one of them.


price: $$$


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