balthazaar bakery


Balthazaar Bakery, New York


almond croissant


I’ve been wanting to try this bakery for a while because it’s so well known. So I finally stopped in on my walk to work. The space for the customers is really small but there are tons of breads and bakery items right in front of you. I didn’t have my glasses on so I could barely see the types of croissants on the wall (i’m going blind.. stupid mac) But I made out almond croissant and quickly chose that

So disappointed. The croissant itself is really good. Flaky buttery crispy… but almost ZERO almond paste!! What??!! absurd. I was devastated. Maybe the croissant had a hint of almond flavor in it? But still no paste?? Not cool balthazaar not cool. The boy said maybe I was just unlucky but still. I’m not going to even try the chocolate croissant.

Side note, I found the same almond croissant at whole foods for cheaper… what??




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