Smorgasburg, NY


pistachio gelato
thai coconut


Every saturday in Williamsburg they have this huge food market called smorgasburg where they have about 40 different vendors selling different types of foods from indian, pigs in a blanket, to desserts.

I finally got myself to go down here one weekend when they were doing ice cream week. With so many different vendors it was really difficult to choose what to eat. I felt like most places were a little price for the amount they give you. So my goal was to find the most unique and interesting food I could.

I stumbled across this moroccan vendor who was selling this thing called bastilla. It had a ton of different things both sweet and salty wrapped in phyllo dough. Since the market had just opened up this vendor wasn’t really ready.

It was just out of the toaster oven when I received my bastilla. Nice and warm and crunchy.

It had lots of chicken inside with spices and the bottom was nuts and with a sweet cinnamon mixture. It was really interesting! Not enough to fill me up but I enjoyed it.

Then since I love ice cream I went around to each of the ice cream vendors seeing their selection. The place I chose had pistachio and thai coconut ( i think?) gelato

So tiny T^T. The pistachio was good but they put int these caramel crunchy pieces which I wasn’t such a fan of. I don’t like my teeth sticking together. The thai coconut was really good too with the right balance so you taste both thai tea and coconut.

I recommend anyone to check out Smorgasburg. There’s definitely something for everyone to eat. I wish I went with a friend so I could try more things and not feel kind of lonely. The view is really nice too since it’s right along the water!


price: $/$$


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