Souen, NY


fresh pressed juice
yuba tofu
chef salad
seitan stroganoff
tofu okabe

cocoa mousse
tofu cheese pie


My roommate used to work here and I really wanted to try this place out so we decided to eat dinner here one night. It’s a macrobiotic restaurant so many things are vegan and vegetarian friendly. Also it’s good for those with dietary intolerances like gluten and dairy!

I first tried the fresh pressed juice which has carrot, ginger, lemon, beets, apple, kale, cucumber, celery! K-san explained to me that it’s good to drink this at once while it’s super fresh so all the oxidants and what not go to your stomach right away and start working. With the ginger you feel a little warm too as your circulation improves

So first for appetizer, I chose the yuba. This one tasted kind of like tamago yaki! yay for awesome tofu.

Since K-san used to work here we got the chef’s salad on the house. She said this was her favorite salad becuase it has so many different vegetables in it. I ate it with the carrot dressing, she had the sesame dressing. I was getting super full at this point.

I had mentioned to K-san before that I really like miso dengaku. So she recommended I order the tofu okabe. It had a really strong miso sesame paste on top of broiled tofu. I know the picture doesn’t look appetizing but it was!

K-san ordered one of the days specials. I didn’t try it but it looked really good!

Oh between the meal and dessert our waitress was really nice and gave me different drinks to try. One was the mu16 tea, which has 16 different things inside. It had a nice aroma and unique taste to it!

I also got chilled apple kuki cha. The apple juice is 100% so it’s so sweet and strong that they split it with kuki cha so that it’s not too overwhelming. I loved this drink! It was so refreshing on a summer day.

Dessert! The popular tofu cheese cake pie. It has a layer of blueberry kanten on top. around it is vegan soy cream. All the desserts here are gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free! It’s still sweet though they just use natural sugars like agar or brown rice syrup to sweeten it. This tofu pie is really light and easy to eat.

The cocoa mousse wasn’t bad either. It had housemade granola with the same vegan soy cream on top. I’m not a big fan of cocoa mousse but this was more like pudding consistency. It was really light and smooth. I actually really wanted to try the black sesame ice cream which is made from tofu apparently!! But they were out of it. Hopefully next time.

I really enjoyed my dinner here. I know macrobiotic isn’t for everyone but if you’re a health nut or looking to becoming more healthy  I would recommend trying here once.


price: $$


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