cho dang geol


Cho Dang Geol, NY


haemul cham dubu
vegetable cham dubu


For my last dinner with the my roommate, I chose this korean restaurant in k-town that makes their own tofu. It’s actually not on the main street of k-town but a couple of blocks up.

The menu was really interesting looking!

They gave us some fried zucchini and eggplant with our dishes It looks pretty plain but it was actually really good.

K-san ordered the seafood tofu jjigae

I ordered the vegetable tofu jjigae! This was sooo good! The tofu had a really interesting texture and the soup was just the right amount of spicy. It also came with purple grain rice that was in a dolsot bowl and the waiter scooped some out for us. The rice was delicious! I’m not a big fan of rice but this stuff I could eat all the time, esp when I eat jjigae. I wish he left the big bowl of rice with us but he didn’t 😦 I think he usually does but I wonder why he didn’t?

I really recommend the tofu dishes here. The service is friendly and you receive a warm citrusy mix tea at the end. I think this is now my favorite korean restaurant in k-town


price: $$
overall: 4


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