victory garden


Victory Garden, New York


mastic goat milk frozen yogurt


In West Village there are so many ice cream stores! I heard about this place that creates frozen yogurt from goat milk!

It’s a small place that serves different drinks and lunch items along with frozen yogurt. It seems like they only do 4 flavors at a time and this time they had chocolate, salted caramel, mastic, and watermelon sorbet. I was staring at the flavors when the owner started to kindly explain mastic flavor to me. After sampling mastic and chocolate I decided to go with the mastic and added halva.

The mastic flavor is really interesting. The owner said people described it as piney, and various other things but for each person it’s different. It was kind of sweet but in an aromatic way. It’s super hard to describe but I actually liked it. I wish I didn’t add the halva though b/c it’s sweetness overpowered the subtleness of the mastic.

I think this place is worth going to. The goat milk frozen yogurt has a good texture and it says frozen for a good while. The mini size is just enough too b/c it’s quite rich ( I know surprising for an ice cream lover) The only downside was that it’s a little pricey because each topping is extra money.




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