francois payard bakery


Francois Payard Bakery, New York


almond croissant
pistachio macaron


The last french bakery I checked out before leaving the city. For some reason I didn’t have high hopes for this place.. I’m not sure why. But the store had a cute interior with a good amount of seating.

I chose my usuals, almond croissant and pistachio macaron. They had lots of cakes that I was tempted by but I decided not to. Right now they seem to have a summer item: macaron ice cream sandwiches! But I didn’t like any of the pairings so I didn’t try it.

The almond croissant was very similar to the one at ceci cela. It was flat but had a good crispy texture. Maybe it could have used more almond paste but I was pretty happy with it.

The pistachio macaron was very soft and melt in your mouth. It was slightly nutty but not enough.

This bakery was good but I don’t think it’s the best NY has to offer. Still pretty solid though.




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