takahachi bakery 4


Takahachi Bakery, New York


corn cream bread (dad)
ham & cheese croissant (me)
sweet potato danish (mom)
kinako cream bread (me)
matcha crepe (me)
and more that my parents ate

orange juice (dad)
midori juice (mom)

spinach feta croissant
yuzu shiro an twist
kinako white choco scone


Of course when my parents visited me, we had to go to Takahachi bakery. and not just once but twice! in one day!

For breakfast my dad ate the tuna croissant I love and corn cream bread. I decided to try something different and ate the ham& cheese croissant. I love the one at japonaise back in Boston. But not such a fan of the one here on the other hand. Too much cheese for me. The bread itself is delicious as always though. My mom usually gets the sweet potato danish and it’s very good. The sweet potato paste is really smooth and retains its sweet potato flavor

We tried the juices they sell there too. I don’t really like orange juice but this one didn’t have pulp so it wasn’t bad. I really liked the mix juice b/c who doesn’t like getting their veggies in juice form! I just wish they were stored at a colder temperature

I bought the kinako cream bread which I later at work. I don’t like the soft fluffy bread as much but it’s very easy to eat. There was a good amount of kinako cream so I was pretty satisfied.

When we went for our second round, my parents bought the chestnut cream cake and some other various breads which I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of. My mom said the chestnut cake was really good.

I only got the matcha crepe cake which I finally got the chance to eat. This stuff is GOOOD!!! Filled with light whip cream and red bean paste wrapped in a soft chewy green tea crepe dusted with green tea. I had to pace myself to stop from inhaling the thing at once. mmm.. I could eat 2 at once!


I went one last time before I left the city and tried a few things I hadn’t seen before

The spinach feta croissant was just baked when I bought it. It was warm and flaky with the perfect balance of spinach and feta.delicious..

The yuzu shiro an was really intriguing but I was disappointed the bread was kind of tough. The bean paste tasted really good though – sweet citrusy flavor. I wish there was more because most of the time it just felt like I was eating the tough bread. I think this would taste better when the bread is still soft and warm.

Finally, the kinako white choco scone!! Usually scones are kind of tough and cakey. But this one tastes like a huge soft kinako cookie that’s maybe slightly more cakey than a normal cookie. I really liked this one a lot.

I’m going to miss this bakery when I go back to school..




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