kimball farms


Kimball Farms, Carlisle, MA




I always write about places that I’ve tried for the first time but I realized I’ve never written about favorites that I’ve been going to for years. Kimball farms is one of those ice cream farm stands that make their own ice cream. They have about 20+ different flavors with a few seasonal flavors too. The best thing about these ice cream stands is the price with the amount they give you. A kiddie size easily beats a large size in NY.

I’ve been coming here since I was in pre school. The prices may have slowly risen but they still give you wayyy more ice cream then you need. This time instead of just getting an ice cream cone, I decided to buy a pint to take home with me. I tried the pumpkin flavor (tasted just like pumpkin pie!) but went with my favorite pistachio. The ice creams here are very creamy and rich. Usually you can’t go wrong with any flavor

As you can see they don’t like to stay within the container. I really wanted to eat my ice cream with a cone and I got one with no extra charge! Never knew! I’m not sure if you can put in more than one flavor in a pint but with a small you can only choose one flavor which kind of stinks. Still you get to eat A LOT of ice cream 🙂


price: $


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