flour + cafe bakery


Flour + Cafe Bakery, Boston, MA


mozzarella, tomato, pesto pocket
banana bread
chocolat chip macaroon


After an unsuccessful dimsum at myers+chang, my mom and I walked a bit in the south end to go to flour + cafe bakery which is by the same owner as myers+chang. I’ve stopped by here before at the MIT location and this bakery is pretty good.

Since my mom felt bad that I didn’t let my dad come to lunch with us, we bought him lunch for the next day.

Tomato, mozarella, pesto pocket. I’ve had this before but I don’t remember well. It’s not too bad.

The banana bread was very flavorful but not heavy. It tasted similar to the one we make it home so they must use a lot of bananas but keep light on the flour. It doesn’t seem moist and soft but it is!

The macaron uses long strands of coconuts so you can see each piece where usually macarons are all mushed and broken up together. It’s pretty sweet and really chewy too. Not the best I’ve had but I like the choco chips in it.

One thing I really like about this cafe is the cute writing and drawings on the wall. But it’s really hard to look at the goods and take your time choosing if it’s crowded. Most people seem to already know what they’re getting.




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