FoMu, Allston, MA


nutty green tea (me)
cardamon pistachio (shoko)
strawberry (k)


During breaks me and my 2 besties always go to allston at least once for some froyo. Shoko’s gone vegan and she found out that there was a new vegan ice cream store a few blocks from our usual place mixx. All the ice creams here are lactose-intolerant friendly.

The store is very cute with a few tables to sit with friends or family. The service is nice but can get a little bit slow since they attend to one customer at a time. But they let you try as many flavors as you want. You can also choose toppings to put on your ice cream too.

Shoko went with the cardamon pistachio which is more like cardamon ice cream w/ pistachio. K went with the strawberry and I chose the nutty green tea. Mine was cashew, almond, nut milk based while the other 2 were coconut based.

We were all very very happy with our ice cream!


price: $


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