windsor dim sum cafe


Windsor Dim Sum Cafe, Boston, MA


house special dumplings
pork buns
steamed shrimp & spinach dumplings
steamed vegetable dumplings
fried chives dumplings
sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaf

meat free mapo tofu


K loves dim sum so we all agreed to eat brunch here after a girl’s night. We’ve all been here before and like how you can choose what you want to eat beforehand rather than waiting for the cart to come around with lukewarm food.

We always order the house special dumplings which is a must for anyone unless you can’t eat meat.

vegetable dumplings

shrimp dumplings (fav). Any of the steamed dumplings are good too.

I’m not a fan of fried food so I didn’t care for the chive dumplings but I’m sure it’s good.

I don’t like the pork buns here because the buns skin is super thick and kind of cakey. But k really likes these so it’s personal opinion.

The sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaf! always good 🙂

Shoko got the meat free mapo tofu. It was pretty good with big cubes of tofu. It doesn’t come with rice though so you’ll have to add it as a side.

This place isn’t spectacular or anything. It’s really small, you might have to share a table with other people and the wait can be crazy and confusing on a weekend. But it’s a solid dimsum place so if you just want to eat good cheap dimsum eat here.


price: $


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