blue ginger


Blue Ginger, Wellesley


asian gazpacho with grilled corn-lemongrass crab beignet
shiitake leek springrolls
blue ginger lettuce cups
red roast pork baos

tahitian vanilla creme brulee w/ cookies
chocolate pot de creme w/ cookies


My parents and I always go to restaurant week whenever I’m around. Usually we do dinner but since I was only around for a short period of restaurant week we decided to do lunch at Blue ginger in Wellesley. It’s run by successful chef Ming Tsai.

The bread basket had normal bread that was really buttery! The other one was even better and had some kind of flavor to it. I don’t know what but we all liked it a lot.

My mom got the asian gazpacho which I tasted but personally I didn’t like at all. I’m not such a big fan of cold soups or tomato yuck. My mom and dad like it though so don’t listen to me! I wanted to at least see what the crab beignet looked on the inside but my mom put the whole thing in her mouth at once! Her comment; very very good.

My dad and I ordered the springrolls. I forget that springrolls mean fried not fresh.. boo. But the filling was very good and flavorful. It came with coleslaw that was covered in a very light dressing not the usual heavy cream thing.

We also ordered an extra appetizer of the regular menu. The calamari was really small but it was crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. It came with a slightly spicy cilantro sour sauce that was very liquidy. It looked like oil but wasn’t. We all agreed it paired much better than the usual creamy tartar sauce.

 Our entrees were plated like a bento box! So you had to put your dish together yourself. The chicken is much too flavorful to eat by itself but it is enough to work with the watery lettuce.

My dad’s pork was the same. Eating it by itself was much too strong but with the buns it paired perfectly.

For dessert my mom chose the creme brulee which was a good light creme brulee.

My dad and I chose the chocolate pot de creme. My dad thought it was light but I thought it was pretty dense. I usually don’t order the chocolate desserts though. Both of the desserts came with a mayan chocolate cookie and sesame cookie.

Personally I was kind of expecting more. But it was still really good. If you’re visiting Wellesley college and looking for a nice place to eat check this place out.


service: 4
price: $$$


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