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J.P. Licks, MA


lumpy primate
soy chai


Here is another one of my regular favorite ice cream places. There are a bunch of these around the Boston area and Wellesley. Every month they have new flavors of ice cream, hard yogurt, and sorbet along with regulars. They have a couple vegan/lactose intolerant friendly flavors too. They’re soft serve flavors rotate every week too.

I have a point card here so I get a free small sundae for my bday every year. This time I chose the lumpy primate which is banana ice cream with chocolate chips and walnuts. YUM! You can’t go wrong pistachio either 🙂

Shoko wasn’t originally planning on eating ice cream either but she ended up getting the soy chai. Maybe b/c I got used to NYC sizes but the small was much bigger than I expected! I thought it was a medium! haha. Usually most of the flavors here are always good but the soy chai was wayyyy too sweet. I helped Shoko try to finish but even I felt super sick at the end. Water or coffee is a must with this flavor. Ugh. The only other one I’ve tasted that was too sweet was cake batter.

If you’re ever visiting Boston and you can’t go out to the suburbs/countryside to try kimballs, richardson’s, or bedfordfarms go here!


price: $


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