Lola, Cleveland, OH


milk stout

crispy veal sweetbreads (me)
white bean soup with mushrooms and bacon (dad)
wild pacific salmon (dad)
moroccan chick pea stew (me)

ice cream sandwich (me)
chocolate caramel crispy (dad)


On our 3rd drive from MA to MO, our first stop for the night was Cleveland. My dad found this restaurant. There seem to be a bunch of restaurants opened by a few top chefs  around the city and this was one of them.

We managed to get a reservation at the chef’s table. It doesn’t cost extra to sit there and you get a great view of watching the chefs cook!

We thought about trying a cocktail but we couldn’t find one that we agreed on. So my dad decided to try the milk stout. I can’t drink beer so I don’t know if it’s good or not.

For appetizers I got the crispy veal sweetbread. It was so soft! It tasted like the really fatty part of a chicken or something. It was really light and it came with cauliflower puree, apple slices? and something else. It all pared really well together and I was so hungry that it disappeared in seconds!

My dad’s white bean soup was very light and the bean flavor came from the aroma. The waiter brings the plate with just the mushroom and bacon, then pour the soup on top of it.

For entrees I chose the moroccan chickpea stew. I thought it would be more soup like but it’s more like a lot of different vegetables with a light tomato puree at the bottom and very flavorful panko crumbs on top. I could taste all kinds of different spices which my dad said probably came from the crumbs. It was very filling though with the beans and potatoes so I ended up eating only half.

My dad ordered the salmon which was super crispy on the outside and slightly raw on the inside. We were both trying to figure out how you can cook salmon like that. The vegetables and such were good too.

dessert menu

Dessert! I got the ice cream sandwich which was raspberry macarons with pistachio ice cream. The macaron shell was too sweet though so I couldn’t taste the pistachios that much. In comparison, the raspberry sauce at the bottom was really tart. I wish the shell was pistachio and not just super sweet.

My dad’s chocolate caramel crispy came with a chocolate mousse that seemed like an in between of chocolate mousse and ice cream! The dulce de leche ice cream tasted like caramelized milk (just like it’s name!) and it came with chewy crispy chocolate hazelnut rice crisps.

The food here was really good although quite pricey. The service is friendly/attentive and they bring the food at a good pace. It’ an upscale restaurant but doesn’t require dressy attire. The restaurant is pretty dark though so it can be hard to take good pictures.


price: $$$
overall: 4.5


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