sable kitchen & bar


Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago


crispy pork belly blt (dad)
deviled eggs (me)
freshly baked croissant (me)


Right before we left, we decided to find somewhere to eat breakfast since we were in Chicago after all. Luckily we found this place a block away from the hotel and open early on the weekends. It’s also connected to a hotel which is probably why it’s open early.

My dad chose the crispy pork belly blts. He was going to go with the small portion but the waiter said it was only 2 small buns so he went with the larger portion. Even though 4 was a little too much for the morning, these were really good! The pork belly was crispy and juicy. Personally I wished it was warmer but I think the cold tomato cooled everything down.

I went with the deviled eggs which were pretty stiff and pretty strong on the mayonnaise or whatever else goes into deviled eggs. It was good but I wouldn’t want to eat more than 2. All the tables come with blueberry jam and butter so I got a croissant to eat with the jam. It cooled down pretty quick but it was good! The jam is pretty sweet.

This is a pretty good spot for brunch again for those in the touristy area. It also seems like it’s a good place for dinner too.




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