niche 2


Niche, St. Louis


White Anchovies
Corn Soup (dad)
Escolar Crudo (me)
Wild Mushrooms (me)
Pork Duo (dad)

Plum Upside Down Cake (me)
Ginger Panna Cotta (dad)


Even though the boy and  I didn’t enjoy the tasting menu that much last year, I still had hopes for this place since I like Brasserie so much. So when my dad helped driving down to St. Louis with me, I had the chance to give Niche another chance.

My dad almost went with the tasting menu but since both people have to do it, we decide to choose a la carte.

The bread was rosemary and chili! It was soft and chewy. My dad liked it so much he asked the waiter if he coud take a few pieces home. She was so nice we got a box stuffed with the bread.

First off the anchovies. I was expecting salty intense anchovies but these were much lighter and a little sour. The toast might have overpowered the anchovies a little bit.

The corn soup my dad ordered was so good! Just like Lola, they added the soup once they set the plate down. There was creme fraiche ice cream (!), mushrooms, and really crispy cracker like things. The corn soup was kind of like potage and the ice cream was sweet and the two made an interesting and good combo.

I tried the escolar crudo. The fish was underneath a layer of this mix drenched in horseradish. It seems like so much horseradish would be overkill but the two paired really well and I could still taste the flavor and texture of the fish.

I don’t know if they usually do this but we also got a palate cleanser! Lemon chamomile sorbet. yummm… it was tart and very lemony 🙂

For entrees I ordered the wild mushrooms which were quite flavorful. It came with some vegetables and a green onion puree which tasted almost like potatoes!

My dad got the pork duo which had 2 pieces of loin and a piece of belly. The loin was a little tougher and slightly salty. The belly was slightly sweet and fell apart realy easily. It came with this really interesting sauce that I think was made of mint, macadamia nut, & white chocolate. My dad wiped this plate clean!

I was really hoping for some good ice cream flavors but kind of boring so I ordred the plum upside down cake. It was supposed to come with marshmallow&meringue and toasted marshmallow ice cream but I don’t like that stuff so I got it switched with french vanilla ice cream. The cake was really soft like angel cake and I like how they cut up the plum really small on top.

My dad got the ginger panna cotta which I originally wanted but we don’t like ordering the same thing. The panna cotta was covered with cucumber lime ice and rhubarb jellies. The ice was pretty intense (sour) and there were poprocks inside! The panna cotta was really silky but it was unfortunate the cucumber lime completely overpowered the panna cotta.

I still think this isn’t that bad of a place but their appetizers are stronger than the entrees. The service is very good and they do their best to make sure you really enjoy your meal!




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